WSL 2018 line up announced. Like everything else, surfing got political.

For those who missed it the WSL has announced its 2018 calendar.

“We’re excited about the release of the 2018 calendar, which includes some important changes designed to ensure we continue to champion the best surfing across the world and with a view to delivering long-term investment for the sport,” said Goldschmidt. “Indonesia is universally-regarded as home to world-class waves and is a location where the League is exploring long-term opportunities for the sport. While Fiji has been a multi-year pillar of the Dream Tour and we may return in future, appropriate support from the government of Fiji is needed to bring the world’s best back to Cloudbreak and Restaurants. Keramas is a fantastic venue and we are stoked to go there in 2018.”

First things first – I can not wait to see the women tear up J-Bay. Fantastic news. However, cling on to that good feeling for as long as you can, because the world surfing league has taken surfing out of one of the best waves in the world and put it in a man made machine.

We know everyone behind the KSWCO are clever guys, as are everyone trying to bring this tech into the mainstream. But lets be honest, this started out like all projects like this start out. Lets see if we can build a bad ass wave and then apply a model to after that. Now they’ve built what looks like an incredible wave. To surf. So they need to find its place in the world.

Now, deep deep down the team must know that this event is going to be boring. The same wave, surfed every time. Ridiculous. So there has to be other reasons as to what they’re up to. This is the first time Surfing has had an arena, and arenas mean ticket prices, and different income models. That feels dirty, but actually it’s important. Surfing is currently built upon the fashion industry. You get a guy to pull an air reverse at Pipe. Take a photo of his board, face and logo and put it in a mag. You then sell that logo on a t-shirt to people who want to think they can do that, but subconsciously it’s easier to pull the t-shirt on, the then board up and around. But it’s a dying trait and new people are looking for other ways to market surfing to the masses as that’s what capitalism requires, right?

I’m just going to stop this post now. There’s plenty of information here. But the sad fact is I never wanted to talk about surfing in this light. Just grab a fucking board and get in the water. Don’t pay to ride a wave some guy made, even if he’s a really good. Don’t feel you need to go to an event that isn’t on a beach. Surfing makes for a great escape from all this garbage.