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Swell Reports

We’re super excited to start getting some of our surf forecasting tools out into the world. Introducing Swell Reports! Surf reporting tools are integral to surfing, but sometimes the predefined spots are in the wrong place, or the forecasters promote one spot and it gets crowded! That’s why we’re focusing on educating new surfers on […]

WSL 2018 line up announced. Like everything else, surfing got political.

For those who missed it the WSL has announced its 2018 calendar. “We’re excited about the release of the 2018 calendar, which includes some important changes designed to ensure we continue to champion the best surfing across the world and with a view to delivering long-term investment for the sport,” said Goldschmidt. “Indonesia is universally-regarded […]

Where to surf?

Want to know where to surf? It’s a massive question. We’re going to break it down a little. For travel fares, to the right kind of surf. We’ll never post a picture of a specific wave. That’d be too easy and ruin the fun! We’re just opening the door to the adventure.