Photo taken by Mohamed Nohassi

Surfing Africa is a wild adventure and one that should be on your list to go to or go back to. Morroco has been a surfing mecca for years, with a coast line constantly getting lit up and an exciting culture to taste and explore it’s easy to see why.

Then down to the south you have South Africa, where popular surf spots bring the worlds greatest to fight with the locals and cities to explore dotted into the enormous natural world surrounding it.

Then round to the East coast, where multiple new waves are popping up all over the place.

That’s the real magic of Africa. You can get raw with nature, and lost in the wilderness. It’s one of the greatest places left on the planet to feel like you’re on a true adventure, back to being in the wild. You can find the greatest waves up and down the coast and be totally isolated. Which is dangerous, sure, but that’s what gets the heart beating and is the point of living.

If that all gets too much, you can get yourself into some heavily trodden parts, surf waves with locals and travellers around and still feel like you’re a long way from home. Check out the markets and traditions of the land you’re on. Smell the smells and taste the tastes. The wildlife is a phenomenal part of Africa, and if you don’t check it out, you’re missing a trick. There will be lay days, use them up.