Where To Surf

Photo taken by Austin Schmid


We’ve launched a new tool so you can check out swell reports, anywhere in the world. Just click on a map and get the charts! Check out Swell Reports! #secretspots

Exploration first¬†surfing information for surfers by surfers. We’re here to help you get the most out of a surf trip.

Have you got some time for a trip, but want to see where’s going to be best spent with the type of waves you like?¬†Want help with flight costs and baggage charges? Want to know if the wave you’re searching for matches your ability? Only got a weekend, or a day so need to be as quick, sharp and as on it as possible?! Don’t sweat – we’re bringing it all together on this site over the next few months. We want to maximise the time you spend in the water and minimise the risks you face. Surfing is an amazing activity to do. You get to travel, stay fit, explore, learn about culture and much more. Not may activities offer so much, so we want to help maximise it.

Surfing is a hard sport to learn, and it takes time. That’s great – we’re going to provide information about every step and what you need to look for. So you can rely a little more on your own senses when you rock up to the beach.

The only rule we have, is to never name surf breaks on our social media or blogs. We want to give you all the information you can, so you find them yourself. This is because we don’t want to promote crowding of our favourite secret spots, and encourage negative tourism to less discovered cultural spots – all problems facing surfing as we know it. As we evolve into forecasting, this will be a tricky balance to strike, but we aim to keep our information geographical and let you tag your spots you like with whatever you want to call them.

Sound good? Here’s to an adventure.

Lets go surfing.